Andrea Adelson explains why Death Valley gives Clemson Tigers big advantage against Florida State

> The Seminoles have not won at Clemson since 2001, but they are not alone in their Death Valley struggles. Swinney is 18-2 in ACC home games (.900), the highest winning percentage in league history. He recently moved ahead of former Clemson coach Ken Hatfield, who had a 12-1-1 record at home against league foes from 1990 to ’93. Bobby Bowden is third on the all-time list for home winning percentage at .861, with a 62-10 record in home ACC games at Florida State.

I did not realize Clemson had such a streak over FSU in Death Valley. I *guess* this make me feel a little better about Saturday’s game, but I am still quite nervous.[^fn1]

[^fn1]: I cannot imagine what I am going to feel like if the Red Sox **and** Clemson both have 8 o’clock games on Saturday night.