ALCS 2013: Red Sox know Miguel Cabrera’s weakness, and it is fastballs – Over the Monster

Marc Normandin at *Over the Monster* examines the Red Sox’s approach to pitching to Cabrera:

> So, here you’ve got a hitter who can crush a mistake in an instant even in a lessened state, but he’s clearly not playing with his usual strength — you aren’t just seeing it at the plate, but also in the field, where he’s hobbled and positions himself so that Boston can’t spam bunts his way. The Red Sox took advantage by firing heaters in at him constantly, and it has kept him off of his game and mostly off of the bases as he’s not able to swing with his usual bat speed and frightening technical ability. As Buster Olney pointed out, Cabrera swung-and-missed nine times on Tuesday, the most he ever has in his entire career — eight of those nine whiffs came on fastballs, according to [Brooks Baseball](

As a Red Sox fan, my only fear in seeing all the stories about the Sox’s approach to Cabrera is that Cabrera is going to adjust tonight and go deep 3 or 4 times.