Rob Bradford on How to beat Justin Verlander

> But maybe the biggest key when it comes to trying to figure out to approach Verlander is simply not getting caught up in trying to pull the ball.

> “You have to stay on the fastball, stay in the middle of the field and stay the other way because his changeup is devastating right now,” the hitting coach said. “If you have a pull mentality on the fastball, you’ll get eaten alive with the changeup

> “You cannot think pull. That’s what happened with [Max] Scherzer. If you can have the mindset to drive the fastball to the opposite gap then that keeps you on the changeup just a hair longer. Any kind of pull mentality is devastating.”

It is going to be interesting to see how the Sox both:

1. Approach Verlander; and

2. Adjust their approach from the first two games.[^fn1]

[^fn1]: When Tigers pitchers craved them up.