Peter Gammons examines the “Running Red Sox”

> They were third in the AL in steals with 123, and got thrown out 19 times; their 87% success rate easily led the majors, and since caught stealing became an official stat in 1951, only the 2007 Phillies (.879) are better among teams who stole 100 or more bases. Incidentally, Shane Victorino was 37-for-41 that year. This is a philosophy championed by John Farrell, who knows what pitchers don’t like, and as Jonny Gomes says, “here they think ‘do’ rather than ‘don’t,’ as in ‘don’t’ get caught.”

While watching the Red Sox this year, it *felt* like they were both attempting a lot of stolen bases and succeeding in those attempts. It seems the actual numbers agree.[^fn1]

[^fn1]: A side note about Peter Gammon’s newish site: []( Though the site has not received the same level of buzz that sites like [Grantland]( received, Gammon’s site is just as impressive in the quality of it’s content. The major difference between [Gammons Daily]( and some of the other new-ish sports sites is that *Gammons* covers only baseball. This will, undoubtably, reduce the size of its target audience, but anyone who is interested in baseball should definitely be checking in with [Gammons Daily]( on a regular basis.