Yahoo Describes the 10 Teams in the MLB Playoffs

Here is how the Red Sox are described:

> **Why they’re here:** GM Ben Cherington did a masterful job of putting the pieces back together following two disappointing seasons, including a last-place finish in 2012. Adding veterans such as Shane Victorino, Mike Napoli, Jonny Gomes and Koji Uehara made them a deeper team across the board, and that depth is why they’re going to be the team to beat in the AL.

> **They’ll make the World Series if:** They advance through the ALDS. A lot of times the wild-card teams get into a groove and make life difficult in a short series. For Boston, it’ll be all about surviving that charge and advancing. Of course they won’t face a pushover in Detroit or Oakland, but they can wear anybody down over seven games.

> **They’ll get knocked out early if:** They start slow. The first two games of the ALDS might be the key to their survival.

> **Player who can’t slump:** They look like slump-proof team, but David Ortiz is the guy they need mashing the ball all over the yard.

> Player who might be a surprise hero:** Mike Carp has been a nice piece off the bench for John Farrell. Another excellent pickup by Cherington who makes an impact from the seventh inning on.

> **In the 2013 MLB yearbook, they’d win this award:** Team most likely to get their beards shaved by a fastball.

> **If this team were a song, what song would it be?** “Fear the Beard” by Cashbox — Love the beards or hate them, it’s their identity.

Tough to argue with that.