Keith Olbermann complains about the Red Sox for 10 minutes

Keith Olbermann didn't like Boston's pre-game ceremony for  retiring New York Yankees legend Mariano Rivera. He really, really didn't like it. He spends over 10 minutes telling you how much he didn't like it and why exactly it bothered him. Well, that's not entirely true. He also spent a few minutes complaining about all of the other gifts that other teams got him. Keith Olbermann might not be a happy man.

Olbermann is a washed up, blow-hard, who could not even cut it in the cable news industry.1 He's a hack. Unfortunately, ESPN still remembers when he was half-way decent as a Sportscenter anchor and has given him this new show where he can blabber on. What a waste of air time.

  1. He has to be in the conversation for top ranking on the “people who have gotten the most things wrong in the past 20 years” list.