The AFC East is not as Weak a Division as People Originally Thought

James Walker, writing for ESPN:

However, the AFC East is tied for the most wins (six) by division in the NFL. The AFC West also has six victories. In fact, the only two AFC East losses by the Bills and Jets have been against the Patriots within the division. Miami, Buffalo and New York are a combined 4-0 against teams outside its division. That includes victories over the Indianapolis Colts, Cleveland Browns, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Carolina Panthers.

The AFC East was blasted because of how poor the Patriots looked in their first two games. If you look at the records, however, it might just be because teams like the Bills and/or the Jets are not as bad as people thought they would be.1

  1. Of course, that might mean it will be much harder for the Patriots to win the division than people thought before the season.