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The Gang from Touring Plans Reviews Every Item on the New California Grill Menu

Len Testa and the gang from Touring Plans tried every item on the new California Grill menu. Here is their summary:

[T]he kitchen was inconsistent all night, with any two servings of the same item varying widely in quality.  One order of the Oven-dried Tomato Flatbread would come out undercooked, with soft crust and too much garlic; the next would be crisp and properly seasoned.  One table’s order of Georges Bank Scallops would be their favorite, while the next table over complained of grit and too much salt.  The kitchen was so inconsistent that we’re not going to assign a rating to California Grill right now.

If you're thinking about going to the California Grill, I would highly recommend reading the whole article so you can get a feel for what items are worth trying.1

  1. Of course, a large part of going to California Grill is viewing Wishes. That still remains, regardless of what you think of the menu.