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→ The MMQB Will No Longer Use The Name “Redskins”

Unsurprising move from someone as far left as Peter King1.

  1. I have no idea why changing the name of the Redskins has become such a liberal cause, but it has. King is just the latest left-wing guy to take it up. 

→ Official: Bradley Cooper Confirmed As Voice Of Rocket Raccoon

Interesting. I never would have thought of casting Cooper, but the more I think about it, the more I like it.

→ The Ten Worst DC “New 52” Costume Redesigns

Sorry, but Harley Quinn was the worst redesign of the whole thing. Others were bad, yes, but Harley was by far that worst.

→ North Carolina Store Announces Memorial of “Dead” Founder On 10th Anniversary Date

Ultimate Comic is my local store, and I have absolutely no problem with the promotion. It’s a great way to make fun of the nature of comics “death.”

→ Disney Villains Invade ‘Celebrate the Magic’ at Magic Kingdom Park

I am really bummed I am not going to be down at The World to see this.1

  1. Though I imagine there will be a Youtube version of it by the middle of next week. 

→ Rays say other owners tired of sustaining team with revenue sharing

It is ridiculous that a team as good as the Rays is getting so much money from the rest of the league. If they cannot break their lease on their pathetic stadium, they should be forced to unload some of the talent they have locked up to long-term deals with the money the rest of MLB has earned.

→ What to Watch, Week 1: Welcome back, college football

The game of the week is Clemson v. Georgia. By about 11pm on Saturday night, we’ll know if Clemson is really a national title contender or not.

→ ComiXology Debuts HTML5 Retailer Digital Storefronts

This is cool. I wish my local store would set one up. That way, I could still support them while buying some of my comics digitally.

→ The Writers of iFanboy give their Current Top 5 Comic Series

The primary book I see on this list that I have been meaning to get into, but have not yet, is Revival. I have the first trade sitting on my desk, but I still have yet to crack it open.

Oh, and for those that are interested, my top five current series:

  • Saga

  • Batman

  • Lazarus

  • All New X-Men

  • Thor: God of Thunder

→ Dr. Drang’s iTunes Affiliate Link Text Expander Snippet

BTW, when it comes to making affiliate links for Apple’s new affiliate program, I recommend Dr. Drang’s textexpander snippet for creating your links.

→ Dr. Drang’s iTunes Affiliate Link

BTW, when it comes to making affiliate links for Apple’s new affiliate program, I recommend Dr. Drang’s textexpander snippet for creating your links.

→ James Spader is Ultron in Avengers 2

Interesting casting. I think I like it.

→ North Carolina-bound Theo Pinson leaps over his mom in a dunk contest

This is pretty cool.

→ Tiger Woods falls to the ground during final round of Barclays, unsure if he will play next week

Personal life stuff aside, It has been kind of a bummer watching Tiger just break down like he has. At this rate, I wonder if he’ll ever win another major.

→ David Smith Explains the new iTunes Affliate Program

David Smith gives a very straightforward explanation of how to get into Apple’s new affiliate program. Of course, I am still confused about the the program’s “privacy policy” requirements.

Apple’s New Affiliate Program and Website Privacy Policies

Apple recently rolled out a new affiliate program managed by PHG. Unfortunately, I cannot figure out whether this program does or does not require a privacy policy on new applicants’ websites. In Apple’s FAQ about the new program Apple says reasons for a rejected application may include:

[The site] [f]ails to clearly state an online privacy policy to visitors.

and in the Terms and Conditions associated with the program, Apple and PHG state that:

(g) [the Publisher of the website] shall provide a clear and conspicuous link to its privacy policy from each page on its Site;

(h) [the Publisher of the website] shall include a statement in its privacy policy that PHG and/or Advertiser (or another third party, where applicable) may use code or cookies on Publisher’s website to track the performance of Advertiser’s marketing efforts, and that no personally identifiable information is collected in such process;

Yet, a number of prominent sites, that I assume are part of the new program, seem to have no privacy policy. Does this mean that Apple and PHG are not enforcing this part of the Terms and Conditions? I cannot tell.1

  1. Before I submitted my site to join the new affiliate program, I added a basic privacy policy to my site that include the required language from the Terms and Conditions. 

→ Explaining Disney’s Pin Code

This is a good explanation of what Disney “pin codes” are.1

  1. In case you’ve heard the term on a podcast but did not know what it meant. 

→ Comic Industry Responds To Affleck As Batman

These are great.1 I especially like J. Torres:

I can think of worse things plaguing this planet than Ben Affleck as Batman. Jennifer Garner as Wonder Woman, for example.

  1. And, surprisingly, very tame. 

→ Caronlina’s Basketball Schedule Released

I wonder if P.J. will be back by the December 4 game against Kentucky.

→ Simplenote Relaunch Coming

I used to use Simplenote as my primary note taking system, but I moved over to Notesy when Simplenote started to show its age. I hope that the new versions of Simplenote are great.