Review: Birds of Prey #22

Here is how *Comic Book Resources’* Greg McElhatton starts his review:

> When Christy Marx first took over the writing reins of “Birds of Prey” a few months ago, it felt like a smooth transition. Now that it’s a bit into her run, “Birds of Prey” #22 feels uneven and all over the place. Part of it may have to do with needing to tie into two other titles (as well Romano Molenaar and Jonathan Glapion being joined by three other artists this month) but it’s definitely not one of the book’s finer issues.

Let me translate: This book has been a **disaster** since Marx took over. She has destroyed everything about this book that made it so great. It went from the book I *most* looked forward to reading, to one that I have dropped from my pull-list. I cannot recommend that anyone read this title.[^fn1]

[^fn1]: I imagine that DC Editorial had some end in the book’s destruction, but Marx’s name is listed as the writer, so she gets the majority of the blame.