Committed: The Lie of “Banned” Digital Comics

Sonia Harris writing at *Comic Book Resources*:

> When did people first start talking about “banned” books which were actually readily available on the ComiXology website? It seems like a relatively recent phenomenon. Before some unhelpful reporter coined this misnomer what did we call these so-called “banned” books? We probably just called them mature-reader books, which is what they are. More often than not, when someone writes about a digital book being “banned” because it’s not on the app, I have immediately found it highlighted on the ComiXology home page with an attractive graphic as if to let people know that “yes, actually we do sell it, sorry about all the lies you’ve been reading.” I wish there were a way to see through every bit of inflammatory bollocks which is published in the name of “news”, but at least in this instance don’t believe the hype – if there’s a book you want, check the website first.

Exactly. The outrage over “banned” books has been ridiculous. Just go to []( and buy them there.[^fn1]

[^fn1]: Or buy them them directly from [Image Comics’s website]( and get ac completely DRM-free version.