→ N.C. GOP: ‘Thank You, New York Times’

Will Allen, writing at National Review:

In short, the paper’s editors are disgusted with Republicans for daring to act as if the majority of North Carolinians who elected them actually want or expect policies different from those of the Democrats — who, speaking of demolition derbies, entertained voters with years of wacky hi-jinks including a secret jet service, lavish taxpayer-sponsored art tours of Europe, a dinner for four that was actually a lady’s jacket, crooked carnies running the State Fair, a stupendous lottery scandal that began before the state even had a lottery, and a comically dishonest appointee who briefly became the nation’s most infamous district attorney.

Let me translate:

Dear New York Times,

Please focus on screwing up your home state (and the rest of liberal America), and leave us to fix the mess that your liberal brethren made.


North Carolina