→ Which college football championship contenders have the easiest, hardest schedules?

Great, Alabama has an easy schedule. Meanwhile, Clemson’s road has some difficulties as a result of being in the ACC:

The difference between Clemson and the other contenders is that the Tigers, due to the low opinion of the ACC, cannot afford a single loss if they want to get into the BCS title game (barring some sort of 2007-level chaos, at which point all bets are off). Clemson’s schedule doesn’t feature many marquee games, but the three they have are tough: Georgia, Florida State and at South Carolina, all teams that could easily finish in the top ten. In addition to that, they would still have the ACC Championship Game against whoever survives the Miami/Virginia Tech/Georgia Tech/North Carolina royal rumble. This schedule isn’t as tough as some of the others, but considering Clemson’s margin for error (zero), it is a challenge.

This will all be moot, of course, if the Tigers cannot beat Georgia.