→ Chris Gonzales’s Post-Google RSS Setup

As I have explained before, my post-Google Reader setup is very similar to Chris’s. Personally, I think he should give Mr. Reader1 a shot, especially since there is no estimate of when we might see a new version of Reeder. Also, after reading his take on ReadKit:

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I don’t own a Mac (yet). But if I did, I’d probably be using ReadKit. It’s not only an RSS reader that supports Feed Wrangler, but it can also tie into your Instapaper queue and other services.

Items can even be moved back-and-forth between RSS and “read later” services within the app, which is really cool to me.

I think he will be disappointed in the way ReadKit integrates with sharing services. The lack of easy sharing for Feed Wrangler items without some kind of “drag and drop” transfer, made ReadKit pretty useable for me.

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