More on Image Comics’ DRM-Free Digital Comics Storefront – Comic Book Resources

> “Our theory on digital has been that it’s not going to hurt print sales,” [Director of Business Development Ron] Richards said, addressing the former. “Digital will just emerge as another channel that has the potential to reach a different audience. Image has been doing digital since ’09, so there’s a few years of data now, and we’re seeing growth in the direct market, growth in the book market and growth in the digital market. Now, if there was growth in our digital market but decline in the direct market, then you could maybe posit that there was cannibalization happening. But there’s growth in both.”

Digital comics increasing comic publisher profits but not cannibalizing print sales is exactly what people[^fn1] said would happen if publishers would fully embrace digital comics. I am glad Image is taking such a bold step forward.

[^fn1]: Well, people other than owners of comics shops.