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→ Sox Beat Twinkies In Extras!

I am hoping a win like this can get the Red Sox on a nice little winning streak.

→ Rare Middlebrooks bunt keys winning rally

I do not want Middlebrooks bunting all the time, but it worked last night.

→ Inside the custom Stormtrooper figure experience during Star Wars Weekends at Walt Disney World

Speaking of things that I hope are going on next year when Elyssa and I are down there for our honeymoon.

→ Chip and Dale Debut as Ewoks

Okay, I think this is pretty cool.

→ Special Eats Part of Monstrous All-Nighter Fun at Disney Parks

I hope that they do the 24-hour thing again next year when Elyssa and I are there for our honeymoon.

→ Bailey says he’s ready to return to Boston

If Bailey’s healthy, it will make the end of Red Sox games go a lot easier.

→ An Even Longer Look at ‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’!

My only fear for this show is that I have my expectations set way, way to high. Insanely good trailers like this are not going to help that problem.

→ The Advanced Scout – Tampa Bay Rays

Fire Brand’s preview of the upcoming series with the Rays, a series that has me really, really nervous.

→ Tamara Lackey on Her Switch from Canon To Nikon

It is always interesting to see the reasoning behind such a major–at least investment wise–shift.

→ Wizarding World Diagon Alley opening date and Hogwarts Express ticket details explored in Universal Orlando survey

It will be interest to see how this plays out. My guess: people end up buying a whole lot more “park hopping” type tickets to jump between the two parks.

→ Are Rich Moms Really Cutting Queues With VIP Tours and GAC Cards?

A sensible, more level-headed look at the Disney-related controversy of the day.

→ No. 1 prospect Andrew Wiggins chooses Kansas Jayhawks

I think he would have looked better in Carolina blue.

→ Viral Marketing Blog for ABC’s S.H.I.E.L.D.Show

Really cool idea, though I wish they had included a frakin’ RSS feed.

Merida becomes the 11th Disney Pricess

Over the weekend, Merida from Pixar’s Brave1, was coronated as the 11th Disney Princess. As you can imagine, there are tons of great pictures and video of the event.

I am wicked jealous I did not get to attend2.

Of course, even a celebration like this is not without its controversy. Brenda Chapman, who received writing and directing credits for Brave but was [fired during its production[(, is not pleased with the 2D version of the Pixar character. There is an in-depth rundown of the whole kerfuffle at Theme Park Insider.

  1. Affiliate Link 

  2. Mostly, because I think Elyssa really would have enjoyed seeing it. 

→ Why Wine tasting is Garbage

This article has been making the rounds recently and it is just hilarious. This is my favorite story from it:

In 2001, researcher Frédéric Brochet invited 54 wine experts to give their opinions on what were ostensibly two glasses of different wine: one red, and one white. In actuality, the two wines were identical, with one exception: the “red” wine had been dyed with food coloring.

The experts described the “red” wine in language typically reserved for characterizing reds. They called it “jammy,” for example, and noted the flavors imparted by its “crushed red fruit.” Not one of the 54 experts surveyed noticed that it was, in fact a white wine.

So good.

→ IRS apologizes for targeting conservative groups

Unbelievable. You think they the IRS is bad now, wait until they are the enforcers behind Obamacare.

→ Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar coming to Southpoint in Durham

Looks pretty delicious. Rumors are that it should be ready in about August.

→ NBC Passes on The Sixth Gun

Major bummer. I was loved the casting for this show. Apparently, Oni Press still thinks there is an outside chance we’ll see the show somewhere. I am not holding my breath.

→ Vintage Walt Disney World: An ‘A’ Attraction or an ‘E’?

In case you ever wondered what people meant when they said an “E ticket” attraction.

→ 2013 Magic Kingdom Party Dates and Ticket Prices Announced

I am still bummed they are not having of these events during Thanksgiving week. I might stay an extra day just so I can go.