→ Bill Simmons on Boston

You can’t break Boston. People have been trying for 350 years. It’s not happening. We will mourn the fallen, raise money for the victims and come back more defiant than ever. For anyone who thinks the marathon has been ruined or irrevocably altered — you’re wrong. Too many people will do whatever it takes to rebuild that race, improve it, protect it, make it better than it was. I bet more people run next year’s race than ever before. It’s our own little holiday, the most sacred of days. Everyone from Boston has watched the race near the finish line at least once. Everyone has gone to that 11 a.m. Red Sox game. Everyone has a family member who ran the race and at least one or two good friends who pulled off the 26.2 miles. So when someone tries to blow that day up in the most evil way possible, you pull yourself back together, try to process the senselessness, slowly feel yourself getting pissed off, and then sing the national anthem at the top of your lungs and send a message to everyone else. I’m proud of you, Boston.

We all are, Boston. Stay Strong.