My Opening Day Predictions for the Red Sox 2013 Season

After reading far too many Red Sox-related prognostications, I guess it is time to make my Red Sox predictions. Here is what I think will happen with the Red Sox in 2013:

* 90+ wins

* 2nd or 3rd in the A.L. East

* One of the 2 A.L. Wildcards

I know that is extremely optimistic, but, as a Red Sox fan, I think it is possible[^fn1]. Also, some other A.L. East predictions:

* The Rays will win the division

* The Yankees will be worse than normal, but will not finish last in the division

* The Blue Jays will once again prove that “winning the offseason” does not translate into winning the regular season

With that said, I am ready for some baseball.

[^fn1]: I guess we will see how much the “toxic clubhouse” really impacts things.