Doing my Part to Make Quality Podcasts Easier to Find

Over the past few weeks, Marco Arment, Jon Siracusa, and Daneil Jalkut have launched new podcasts1. There has been some discussion about these launches since they launched outside of the major podcasts networks2. First, Marco explained his decision to release the shows independently and then Daniel expressed his agreement with Marco’s sentiment. Though I can appreciate the concept of wanting to own what you create3, I worry about smaller independent producers and whether or not people can find their content4. Daniel provides an annecdote that demonstrates what I am talking about5:

My friend Manton Reece and I have been recording Core Intuition for over 4 years, yet when I have guest-hosted Build & Analyze or appeared on other 5by5 shows, a significant number of people write or comment on Twitter that I should “have my own show.” I have my own show, thank you very much.

Because Daniel’s show, Core Intutition, falls outside of one of the major podcasts networks, people were unaware it even existed. As a listener of Core Intutition, I can say honestly say that it deserves better than that.

Though there are currently efforts underway to create a search engine that will help with podcast discoverability, I feel that is not enough. I think the best way for people to learn about quality podcasts is for the listeners of those podcasts to more actively share what they listen to. Consequently, I am starting a new series of posts about what podcasts I think you should check out6. My first post in the series, Best Disney Podcasts, went up yesterday and lists some really good shows for those interested in various Disney-related things7. I hope to do similar posts about sports, technology, comics, and other areas that I enjoy listening to.

There is a ton of great audio content being produced and put out on the web8, and I want to do my part to help make it more discoverable. If you listen to podcasts, I encourage you do to the same.

  1. Marco and Jon are co-hosts on Neutral, a show about cars, and The Accidental Tech Podcast, a show about recent technology news and topics. Daniel recently launched the Bitsplitting podcast, a technology interview show. 

  2. To me, the current major podcast networks are: 5by5 (which now includes the former 70 Decibels network), Twit, and Mule Radio. Marco and Jon’s shows being outside of 5by5 is especially interesting, since they both used to host shows on that network. Marco is formerly the host of Build and Analyze and John is formerly the host of Hypercritical

  3. After all, I writing this on my own website instead of Branch or Medium for precisely that reason. 

  4. Obviously, this is not a problem for people like Marco and Jon who have developed larger followings–followings they have earned through hardwork and previous successes–but, as you will see, even someone as well known as Daniel can run into problems. 

  5. See also, this thread, featuring Michael Schechter and me, among others, discussing the same thing 

  6. My only real qualification to do this is that I listen to a lot of podcasts. My bias is that I will probably favor an independent podcast over one on a large podcast network, though there will probably be a bunch of “network shows” in my listings. 

  7. Though it does focus a lot on Walt Disney World. 

  8. Mostly for free.