→ Four-guard attack has North Carolina looking like a team you don’t want to draw

Jeff Eisenberg writing at Yahoo:

What ailed North Carolina for the first three months of the season apparently wasn’t as complicated as it once seemed.

The Tar Heels simply didn’t have their best players on the floor at the same time often enough.

I would argue that it was more that their best player, PJ Hairston, was not on the floor. Hairston has emerged as the team’s best scorer, as well as improving both his rebounding and his defense. People frequently point to Hairston’s shooting woes last year when the try to claim surprise in his development this year. I maintain that his shooting problems were a side effect of him not getting the playing time he deserved and the pressure he put on himself as a result. Now that Williams is giving him the chance to be a star, he is taking full advantage.