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→ ‘Jurassic Park 4’ flies in the face of science by cutting feathered dinosaurs

Good. I did not want to see a bunch of feathered dinosaurs1.

  1. Not that I plan on seeing Jurassic Park 4, anyway. 

→ Gutters Makes Fun of Marvel’s Influx of “New” IP

I can never get enough of the Kool-Aid man. Oh yeah.

→ The Full Length Trailer For The Wolverine Hits

I admit, it does not look that bad.

→ Jon Lester named Red Sox’ Opening Day starter

Was there really a question about this?

→ Red Sox Nearing a decision on Jackie Bradley Jr.

I really want to watch Jackie Bradley at the major league level, but it does not make sense to bring him up and have him lose a year under his Red Sox contract. Give him 20 days in the minors and then bring him up.

→ North Carolina Senate votes to void Dix park lease

The fallout from this is going to be really interesting.

→ Breaking Down the 2014 UNC Basketball Scenarios

  1. I did not realize that people want McAdoo to go. I am not in that camp.

  2. I think it is highly likely they all stay.

→ Hardball Talk’s 2013 Red Sox Preview

This preview falls into the “they spent too much money for the players they got this offseason” camp. That is a pretty common refrain in a lot of Sox previews. I still am not convinced it is right.

→ Expansion of Wizarding World of Harry Potter Under Way

Looks like it is going to open just after my honeymoon. Sounds like I will have to make another trip down in the fall.

→ Textastic Now Available for Mac

One of the most popular text / code editors for iOS is now available for Mac1. It’s currently on sale for $2.992

  1. Affiliate Link (as is the post link.) 

  2. Which, according to the developer, is 50% off what it will ultimately retail for. 

→ Walt Disney World’s Best Bars and Lounges

Brian McNichols, of Touringplans.com1, has created an excellent new book on Walt Disney World’s bars and lounges2. Though you can buy the book directly from Touringplans, I highly recommend the iBooks Version, since it contains clickable3 versions of the hundreds of high quality images in the book.

  1. lists crowd trackers for theme parks, wait trackers for various rides at those theme parks, and “plans” that describe how best to travel through a theme park to avoid waiting. It is a good resource for people looking to maximize their time at a place like Walt Disney World. 

  2. Affiliate Link (as is the post link and the iBooks version link.) 

  3. When you click on one of the images, it shows a larger, higher resolution copy. This is important because the photos are so illustrative of the various bars being discussed. 

→ FAA policy on electronics during flight to likely change before 2014

If I can use my iPad or my Kindle during takeoff, I will never buy a magazine again.

→ Curbs on North Carolina lottery ads eyed in legislature

Good. It is outrageous that the lottery has an advertising budget.

→ Yankees Acquire Vernon Wells on Purpose

Seriously, I am loving this.

→ Yankees show desperation with Wells trade

As a Red Sox fan, I love this,

→ ‘Big’ change coming for UNC next season?

Two takeaways:

  1. Roy is going to change back to a more traditional, “bigger” line up.

  2. Roy apparently refers to himself as “Ol’ Roy.”

→ Prospects Who Can Impact The 2013 AL East Race

No real surprises here for the Red Sox: Bradley, Iglesias, and Webster. I hope they all have big years1.

  1. Obviously. 

→ Carolina comes up Short Against Kansas

Tough way for the Heels season to end. Hopefully, Bullock, Hairston, and McAdoo stick around for another year.

→ Five Hundred And Twenty-Five Free Digital Comics From ComiXology

In case you need more free comics after Marvel’s promotion last week.

→ New Macsparky Field Guide – Markdown

David Sparks has released a new MacSpark Field Guide: Markdown1. Based on previous books Mr. Sparks has written, and his knowledge of Markdown, I have really high hopes for this. Actually, I am pretty sure I am going to point to it as the definitive guide on how to use Markdown.

  1. Affiliate Link