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→ Carolina Beats State

Imagine if Hariston had been starting all year.

→ The Liberal Attack Plan on North Carolina Republicans

“It is CONFIDENTIAL to Blueprint, so please be careful – share with your boards and appropriate staff but not the whole world.”

Oops. It is no real surprise that liberal groups would have such a plan(Come on, you think something like Obama’s “War on Women” thing just comes up spontanesouly?), but it is a little surprising that it is a 501(c)(3) that is the one doing it. This might be the first time I have ever wanted the IRS to get involved with anything.

→ Airplane Seats Should Not Be Allowed to Recline

This piece over at Slate has been linked to all over the place. I am firmly in the “no recline” camp. I hate, **hate*, when someone in front me of me reclines. They should simply remove this option from all seats in coach.

→ Wirecutter’s Review of the new Google Chromebook Pixel Laptop

Google just announced its first premium Chromebook, the Chromebook Pixel. It’s gorgeous. Unfortunately, it’s so expensive that I can’t think of a single person who should get one.


→ ‘Death tax’ could die in N.C.

a move that would cost $52 million in revenue

I would just hate to see the state “lose” $52 million in revenue as a result of parents being able to actually pass on their life’s savings to their children.

→ Restaurant group to Charlotte: Love the Panthers but no go on doubling meals tax

I completely agree with the restaurant group. The state subsidizing the Panther’s stadium is a ridiculous idea.

→ Live Blog of the Boston Red Sox’s First Spring Training Game

In case you’re obsessed like me and want to follow along.

→ Golfers react to snow delay at Match Play Championship

The PGA Tour really does have some great personalities.

→ The New Neverwhere Cast – Official Photo And Broadcast Details

Cumberbatch, Dormer, and McAvoy? Count me in.1

  1. I assume this will be made available as an audiobook at some point, for people outside of the UK. 

→ PlayStation 4 won’t block used games, says Sony

That is positive news for next generation consoles. I wonder if Microsoft will now fall in line.

→ Jeffrey Brown’s Vader’s Little Princess

I have already pre-ordered.

→ Over/unders for all 30 MLB teams

“For entertainment purposes only.”

→ Sony’s Playstation Event

The Verge is doing a live blog. There are rumors that the Playstation 4 will get announced.

→ Ben Brooks Interviews Marco Arment on Digital Publishing

A really good discussion between two of the people experimenting with pricing models in the digital space.

→ In Defense of Brad Brownell at Clemson

“ggggmen08” writing on Shakin the Southland:

Clemson basketball hasn’t been great the past two years, but they also haven’t been horrible. They finished 8-8 in the ACC last year and are 5-7 so far this season. I think mediocre is a more fair assessment. Expectations heading into this season were very low, too. They are currently in 8th place in the ACC, 1 spot ahead of where they were picked in the preseason polls.

I agree that those calling for Brownell’s head at this juncture are premature. Part of the problem this year has been the inability to close out games. I think they improve greatly in that area next year when they are a little more seasoned.

→ Rumors of a Downtown Disney Overhaul

Speaking of Downtown Disney, there are new rumors regarding a major overhaul of the area. I really hope they do something like this to fresh the place up.

→ Reminder that You can Schedule Posts with MarsEdit

Daniel Jalkut told me about this tip years ago, and I use it quite frequently. I can imagine a lot of people who use MarsEdit, however, do not even know it is possible.

→ WDW Radio’s Top Five Snacks at Downtown Disney

Watching this video makes me hungry1. Also, it makes me want to go back to Disney World.

  1. My favorite snack would have been something from Ghirardelli. The custom treat from Goofy’s Candy Company, though, is something I did not know existed. I will have to give that a try. 

→ The Hypocrisy of the NCAA

Dana O’Neil writing at

In October, the NCAA passed legislation that essentially says head coaches are going to be held accountable for the actions of their assistants.

Yet on Monday, when the NCAA announced the findings of an external review of its enforcement staff and its actions involving the University of Miami case, NCAA president Mark Emmert made it clear that the buck stopped well short of his office door.

Who did not see this coming? The NCAA has been a joke for some time, but it has been especially bad under Emmert’s leadership:

So far on Emmert’s watch, the NCAA has bungled and fumbled multiple investigations (Cam Newton, Shabazz Muhammad and now Miami); fired two NCAA investigators; saw the exits of two enforcement administrators (director of enforcement Bill Benjamin resigned in June, just eight months after taking the job); and gone well outside of its own rulebook and sidestepped due process to punish Penn State, which generated a lawsuit from none other than the state of Pennsylvania.

What a disaster1

  1. In addition to Ms. O’Neil’s excellent article recounting Emmert’s tenure, David Steele has an article at Sporting News that talks about how university presidents can, and should, remove Emmert from office. Of course, there is always the original article by Taylor Branch detailing what is wrong with the NCAA. 

→ New Photo of Carrie Fisher in her Slave Leia Bikini Found

I am just posting this for the historical aspect, obviously.