→ The Verge on the new PocketCasts for Android

[T]he app has been completely overhauled for its new version 4, and the results are fantastic.

The UI is attractive, simple, and Android-native; while it has a distinct style, it looks like it was designed for the platform, and just about everything works the way you’d expect across both phones and tablets. The effortless cross-device podcast syncing is a killer feature, too, especially as it’ll be compatible with iOS once that app gets its own update.

Sounds like a winner from the guys at Shifty Jelly. It will be interesting to see how much Instacast1 improves between now and when PocketCasts comes out for iOS. Currently, I am quite pleased with Instacast as my primary podcast client, but PocketCasts’ speed, even in its current version, could make it really intriguing when it gets its next update. I am sure Instacast’s developer is taking notice.

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