→ North Carolina Seems Well on its Way to Rejecting Certain Obamacare Provisions

Dan Way, writing at the Carolina Journal:

Buoyed by Gov. Pat McCrory’s announcement that he does not support expanding Medicaid rolls or creating a state-run health insurance exchange, a state House committee voted Tuesday over Democrats’ objections in favor of Senate Bill 4, legislation that rejects those same provisions of Obamacare.

In his statement today, McCrory said an administrative review on the Medicaid issues that included discussions with the White House, other governors, health care providers, and legislative leaders concluded it is “abundantly clear that North Carolina is not ready to expand the Medicaid system, and that we should utilize a federal exchange.”

Recent Medicaid audits show North Carolina Medicaid “is broken and not ready to expand without great risk to the taxpayers and to the delivery of existing services to those in need,” McCrory said.

It looks like this process is in the home stretch. Now it is time to see if they can cross the finish line.