→ Carolina on the NCAA Tournament Bubble

Andrew Jones is not particularly optimistic about Carolina’s NCAA Tournament changes:

This season, however, UNC is neither on probation nor banged up, and it may not make the NCAA Tournament. At 16-7 overall (6-4 in the ACC), UNC appears on course for a lower seed to The Big Dance. But the schedule ahead has enough rough spots, and since Carolina’s resume is very un-Carolina-like, it could lead to some teeth-gnashing by Tar Heels fans come Selection Sunday.

He does, however, make a recommendation on how to change things:

Williams is a legend because he almost always makes the right decisions for his team, it stands to reason now is the time to make another gutsy call. Playing Hairston ahead of Strickland would increase UNC’s chances of making the NCAA Tournament and strengthen the program for next season.

As a long-time member of the Hairston over Strickland camp, I agree with Mr. Jones.