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→ Time Warner Cable says there’s no consumer demand for gigabit internet

Umm, hello? Over here. Who has two thunbs and wants gigbit internet?

→ The Verge on the new PocketCasts for Android

[T]he app has been completely overhauled for its new version 4, and the results are fantastic.

The UI is attractive, simple, and Android-native; while it has a distinct style, it looks like it was designed for the platform, and just about everything works the way you’d expect across both phones and tablets. The effortless cross-device podcast syncing is a killer feature, too, especially as it’ll be compatible with iOS once that app gets its own update.

Sounds like a winner from the guys at Shifty Jelly. It will be interesting to see how much Instacast1 improves between now and when PocketCasts comes out for iOS. Currently, I am quite pleased with Instacast as my primary podcast client, but PocketCasts’ speed, even in its current version, could make it really intriguing when it gets its next update. I am sure Instacast’s developer is taking notice.

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→ Chris Cooper Cast as Norman Osborn In Amazing Spider-Man Sequel

Can you ever go wrong with Chris Cooper as your movie’s villain?

→ Amazon Prime Instant Video gets exclusive rights to ‘Justified’

This is a huge get for Amazon. Justified is a great series, and to be the exclusive streaming home for it is a major, major win.

→ British teens trying to figure out the NFL are flat-out ridiculous

Listen to British teens talk about the National Football Legion, Quarterbacks and their catch-persons, and various other things about the armored guys beating each other up.

→ The Sixth Gun television pilot casts Laura Ramsey as Becky Montcrief

I love this casting. I really hope Laura can bring to life the Becky that is so excellently depicted in Bunn and Hurtt’s book.

→ Brian MacPherson Explains why Kyle Lohse has not Yet Been Signed

Writing in the Providence Journal:

The reason is obvious: On top of what should be a lucrative salary, Lohse comes at the cost of a first-round draft pick for most teams, an early second-round draft pick for the rest. It’s a price no one has yet been willing to pay. Spring training games have begun, and Lohse remains unemployed.

Attaching a first-round draft pick to a free agent is not new. All that has changed is the value of that draft pick. Teams are hoarding their draft picks more than ever before. And blame for that can be put at the feet of the players’ union for throwing its members-to-be under the bus.

[I]t’s now next to impossible for teams to compensate for the loss of a first-round draft pick the way they once did. The value of that first-round pick has skyrocketed accordingly.

An excellent example of the law of unintended consequences. It will be interesting to see if there is blowback against these new draft related rules going forward. It was one thing when the rules were impacting how the teams draft players, but now they are directly impacting whether or not certain players will be signed.

→ David Sparks Explains how to Calculate Dates with Siri

Really good tip from Mr. Sparks. As an attorney myself, I will also get a bunch of use out of this.

→ Kiwi App.Net Client for Mac Now Available

Easily the best available for the Mac.

→ MLB Players Want “Stiffer Penalties” For PED Use

I was going to say “so do the fans,” but, honestly, I am not sure if that is true.

→ Bubble teams who helped and hurt their stock the most on Saturday

Have I mentioned that Carolina beat State?

→ PGA Tour commissioner calls moving forward with putter ban ‘a mistake’

This is going to be interesting.

→ Bryce Harper highlights spring opener with juggling circus catch

Baseball is better with Bryce Harper around.

→ Who is the best American golfer without a major?

I vote for Dustin Johnson.

→ Manti Te’o runs slow 4.81 and 4.80 40-yard dash times, another blow to his draft stock (Video)

Bummer. I was hoping he would really tear it up at the combine.

→ App.Net Introduces a Free Tier

The little social network that could keeps improving. I hope this means an influx of new, quality users.

→ Countdown (to the start of Baseball Season)

Like Daniel Poarch, I cannot wait.

→ The Buckeyes Boost Their Postseason Resume By Beating The Spartans

The Big Ten seems to be, far and away, the best basketball conference this year. I have to assume that will translate into NCAA Tournament success. A part of me seems to think that is not always the case, however.

The Oscars Are On

I admit, I really do not care. I may use this as an opportunity to try out the new WordPress Liveblog plugin though. Updates below.

→ More Rapid Reaction to Carolina’s Win Over State

3-1, with 1 being a tough fought game against Duke, since they went to this lineup.