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→ Charlotte Seeks $125 Million from Charlotte to Renovate Stadium

When will cities learn that they really get no benefit from caving to demands from owners of the local sports teams?

→ Voicemails from Manti Te’o’s “Girlfriend

If this really is Tuiasosopo on the phone, the guy does a scary-good female voice impersonation.

→ Jim Rugg breaks down Digital versus Print Coloring in Comics

I found the digital copy stunning in comparison. The subtle palette’s warm and cool colors complimented Mignola’s immaculate compositions and storytelling in ways I had missed on my readings of the print edition

But the print edition now looked even worse compared with the digital copy.

Really interesting breakdown by Mr. Rugg. This kind of process stuff, especially related to the digital versus print, fascinates me.

→ The Wrap Reports that J.J. Abrams will Direct the next Star Wars

I have never heard of The Wrap. Does anyone know if they are usually right about this kind of thing?

→ John Locke Foundations’ North Carolina Tax Plan

Again, this proposal eliminates the current income tax structure. I do not like the provision that requires opening a special “Unlimited Savings Allowance” account, however. Regardless, it should be an interesting to see how radically North Carolina’s tax system will be altered.

→ Art Laffer’s Tax Plan for North Carolina

Interesting idea. I like the idea of eliminating the state income tax, but am worried about how taxing services (especially things like medical co-pays) will end up impacting people.

→ “His client disguised his voice and assumed the identity of Lennay Kekua to try to develop a relationship with Te’o”

ESPN on the latest development in the Manti Te’o story:

The lawyer for the man who has been identified as behind the hoax, Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, told the New York Daily News that his client disguised his voice and assumed the identity of Lennay Kekua to try to develop a relationship with Te’o.

So weird.

→ Bill O’Reilly on the Problems that result from Marijuana Legalization

According to the federal government, 8,400 Americans begin using drugs every day, half of them under the age of 18. And 68% of folks who become addicted to drugs begin with marijuana. Get the picture?

So celebrate the pot culture if you want. But know you are not helping the kids by taking the high road.

Well said.

→ How Obama can Learn from Failure

One of my former law professors writing in the New York Times:

If Mr. Obama wants to avoid Monroe’s mistakes, he must extend the narrative of his presidency with a view to posterity. He should consider whom he wants to follow him and which of his legislative initiatives Republicans might support. If Mr. Obama doesn’t get involved in the next election or cannot produce significant bipartisan achievements, he risks having his successors belittle or bury his legacy.

Of course, my hope is that President does not produce significant bipartisan achievements and that Professor Gerhardt has rightly predicted that the President’s accomplishment will be buried.

→ “Improper Conduct” by the NCAA During its Investigation into Miami

The NCAA has found what it calls “improper conduct” committed by former members of its own enforcement program during the Miami investigation, and will not deliver the long-awaited notice of allegations against the Hurricanes until an external review is completed.

The NCAA is a disaster. As I have said before, Division I schools forming mega-conferences and deciding to withdraw themselves from the NCAA cannot come soon enough.

→ Erick Erickson with a Prediction

If House Republicans lose in November of 2014, it won’t be because they fought the good fight. It’ll be because they left John Boehner as Speaker who decided to rely routinely on a bunch of Democrats to help him sell out so he wouldn’t have to fight.

I could not agree more.

→ Taylor Swift as Rapunzel from Disney’s Tangled

That’s just cool.

Clearing Flipboard Image Cache on iOS

NOTE: This post was written for the original version of Flipboard. In March of 2013, Flipboad released a big Version 2.0 update. Clearing the cache in that version is much simpler and an explanation is available at: Clearing Content Cache in Flipboard 2

I noticed the other day that Flipboard was taking up 1.5 GB of space on my iPad. For an app that updates its content as frequently as Flipboard, this seemed a little excessive. Unfortunately, I could find no way to clear Flipboard’s cache from within the app itself. Thankfully, this posting on Flipboard’s Get Satisfaction page gave me the answer:

We are working on improving how Flipboard handles automatically clearing the image cache.

In the mean time, you can manually clear the cache. Tap the gear icon in the lower right corner of your Flipboard. Then tap About, then tap our logo. There is a “Clear Cached Images” button, tap this and give it some time to process. This is a temporary debug feature while we sort out the auto-cache issue.

It works as advertised. I now have cleared up 1.2 GB of the space that Flipboard was taking up.

→ Jeff Passan Does Not Make Me Feel Good about this Year’s Red Sox

As long as Napoli’s hip holds up and the Red Sox commit themselves to a full season of Jacoby Ellsbury – no sure thing if they falter early – they should score some runs. And yet for the many positives – Dustin Pedroia is a rock, Ortiz a bopper, – there are still the matters of Gomes and the Green Monster, Will Middlebrooks and the frightening walk rate, and ownership and a mistrustful clubhouse.

This is not my favorite 2013 preview.

→ Zombieland TV Show Headed Straight To Amazon’s Streaming Services

It has long been my hypothesis that online video delivery networks would have to start getting original content if they were going to break the stranglehold that big networks have over streaming of television content. I am glad to see that Amazon is looking like they will be getting in the original television content game.

→ Francona – The Red Sox Years is now Available

I am really looking forward to reading this. It’s available at Amazon and iBooks1.

  1. Affiliate Link (as are all links in this post.) 

→ Ten Years Ago, Red Sox Signed Ortiz

I imagine I’ll shed a tear or two when Big Papi finally hangs up his cleats. I hope he gets one more chance at the postseason before that happens.

→ Phil Mickelson releases statement addressing tax comments

Too bad. I was hoping he would announce he was moving out of California to a state with a better tax code.

→ MLB Blackout Policy Under Attack In The Courts

A good summary of the current class action suit against MLB. It is not in-depth legal analysis, but it is good for getting you up to speed.

→ George Will on God and the Founders

Conrad Black, writing at National Review, about George Will’s address that took place at Washington University in St. Louis:

He makes three principal points: that, in most cases, religion is a desirable belief for a society in general to hold, one that benefits equally all members of that society, including those who, like himself, have no religious beliefs; that Madison, as chief author of the Constitution, instituted the system of checks and balances among three coequal branches of the government to restrain the federal government from too dirigiste an intrusion in the rights and freedoms and natural course of the lives of the citizens; and that Woodrow Wilson compromised this with the assertion of the federal government’s right and duty to be more directly interventionist than the authors of the Constitution wished.

A brilliant speech by Mr. Will. You can find the full text and video at the Washington University website.