Dismantling the Boston Sports Media

Alan Siegel in *Boston Magazine*:

> The Boston sports media, once considered one of the country’s best and most influential press corps, is stumbling toward irrelevance. The national media not only seems to break more big Boston sports stories than the local press, but also often features more sophisticated analysis, especially when it comes to using advanced statistics. To put it bluntly, “The Lodge”—as Fred Toucher, cohost of the 98.5 The Sports Hub morning radio show, mockingly refers to the city’s clubby, self-important media establishment—is clogged with stale reporters, crotchety columnists, and shameless blowhards. Their canned “hot sports takes” have found a home on local television and talk radio, but do little but suck the fun out of a topic that’s supposed to be just that. And we haven’t even gotten to Dan Shaughnessy yet.

Mr. Siegel nails it. At this point, if you really want the best Red Sox news and analysis, you should just ignore the Boston media and follow the [Providence Journal’s Red Sox coverage.]([^fn1]. As the article points out, Alex Speier over at [WEEI]( also does a really good job with analytical Red Sox coverage.

[^fn1]: Brian Mac Pherson and Tim Britton are doing really great work