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→ Yankees Explore Voiding A-Rod’s Contract

Schadenfreude. Delicious schadenfreude.

→ Jayson Stark Calls for Longer PED Suspensions

So in the wake of all this, you would think that players would be asking themselves, finally: Is it worth it? Are the rewards for cheating really worth the gamble that some day, they could wake up and find out they’d just become Manny or A-Rod, a walking PED punch line whose entire career had been instantly discredited?

Well, sadly, here’s the truth: None of this will do it. None of this will stop some of these dopes from trying to cheat. Not in baseball or any other sport.

So somewhere along the line, the price these men must pay for this crime has to grow large enough to force them to feel the pain. Two-month suspensions alone aren’t enough. In-season blood tests aren’t enough. Even public humiliation isn’t enough.

And it won’t be enough until the suspensions grow longer and the penalties grow stiffer — because, clearly, the thought of losing 50 games worth of pay isn’t scaring the people who need scaring.

Mr. Stark will not be the last one to make such a plea.

→ New report links A-Rod with performance-enhancing drugs

Well, at least we know why he did so well in the 2009 playoffs.

→ Oxo Responds to Rip-Off Accusation From Competitor


(via Daring Fireball)

→ Captain Marvel rumored to Be on the Chopping Block

I really, really wanted this book to succeed. It looks like the next couple of months will decide it’s fate.

→ All of Marvel’s 2012 Books 10% off at Comixology

Not a huge percent off sale, but it does apply to all of Marvel’s 2012 books. It’s in place until Thursday and only available on Comixology’s website.

→ THX Tune-Up iOS app Released

It’s free this week.

→ Dismantling the Boston Sports Media

Alan Siegel in Boston Magazine:

The Boston sports media, once considered one of the country’s best and most influential press corps, is stumbling toward irrelevance. The national media not only seems to break more big Boston sports stories than the local press, but also often features more sophisticated analysis, especially when it comes to using advanced statistics. To put it bluntly, “The Lodge”—as Fred Toucher, cohost of the 98.5 The Sports Hub morning radio show, mockingly refers to the city’s clubby, self-important media establishment—is clogged with stale reporters, crotchety columnists, and shameless blowhards. Their canned “hot sports takes” have found a home on local television and talk radio, but do little but suck the fun out of a topic that’s supposed to be just that. And we haven’t even gotten to Dan Shaughnessy yet.

Mr. Siegel nails it. At this point, if you really want the best Red Sox news and analysis, you should just ignore the Boston media and follow the Providence Journal’s Red Sox coverage.1. As the article points out, Alex Speier over at WEEI also does a really good job with analytical Red Sox coverage.

  1. Brian Mac Pherson and Tim Britton are doing really great work 

→ Let Us All Say Exactly the Same Thing

J.D. Bentley:

I’ve turned to reading non-technological sites and subjects, primarily cultural and religious. It’s much more interesting and edifying to take outside ideas and see how they relate to technology, rather than reading tech pundits and cybertheorists spout their pompous opinions.

If you read one of them, you’ve read them all. Almost constantly, everyone in this sphere is saying the exact same thing, even if they disagree. They approach the topic from the same place. They are two sides to the same coin.

Writing like this is why I signed up for Mr. Bentley’s The Handshake1.

  1. Also, I completely agree with the substance of what he is saying. 

→ Words of Advice on Immigration Reform

Daniel Horowitz writing at RedState:

Undoubtedly, Republican negotiators of reform proposals, like Marco Rubio, are well-intentioned in their desire to solve a serious problem with thoughtful solutions. However, if they are really committed to advancing conservative solutions and addressing conservative concerns about the immigration system, they must understand the adversity we all face with our Democrat opponents on this issue. Their proposals must be crafted to work not just in a world full of Marco Rubios and Paul Ryans, but in a political system full of Luis Gutierrezs and a judicial sphere full of ACLU and MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund) types. Hence, when proposing immigration bills, to know thy enemy is key.

Very good advice from Horowitz and something to keep in mind as we start seeing the actual1 immigration reform bill that comes out of the Senate.

  1. As we all know, these outlines are garbage in today’s politics. We have to assume there will be thousands of pages of non-immigration related provisions in any “immigration” bill. 

→ Unions Give Misleading Economics Numbers for Right to Work States

Related: water is wet.

→ Mike Maihack shows off another Batgirl Supergirl Commission

I really wish he would get a monthly book.

→ North Carolina, Kentucky renew series


  1. And honestly, does it really matter that they did not play this year when both teams are scuffling? 

→ A Conversation between Warren Ellis and Ian Rankin

If you have any interest in writing, you’re going to want to read this.

→ Charlie Pierce on the NCAA’s Mishandling of the Miami Investigation

Mr. Pierce gives the rundown1:

Last week, we learned that NCAA investigators pole-vaulted over the line of legal propriety by obtaining information from a bankruptcy proceeding that had nothing to do with the association. According to a source who spoke to ESPN’s Joe Schad, the NCAA provided Shapiro’s attorney with questions to ask on its behalf. The attorney sent the NCAA a bill, because that is what attorneys do. (The lawyer also speculated that the NCAA might be trying to torpedo its own case, which seems unlikely, but who in the hell knows at this point.) And, in the Beyond, William Blackstone suffers a brief bout of projectile vomiting and takes to his bed.

(This, of course, comes after a story in the Los Angeles Times in November that embarrassed the NCAA in its pursuit of UCLA basketball player Shabazz Muhammad when a lawyer — and do try to keep up here — sent an e-mail to the NCAA saying that she had heard the boyfriend of an NCAA investigator talking loudly on an airplane about his inamorata’s opinion that Muhammad was guilty, guilty, GUILTY! The attorney was concerned that the NCAA may have prejudged the case, probably because the attorney is unaware that prejudging cases, by god, is the NCAA’s job. The only thing this particular circus is missing is calliope music.)

and then brings the hammer:

The NCAA enforcement has no legal authority. In its behavior in this case, it has shown that the ethical foundation of its enforcement apparatus is, at best, crumbling. This is no longer an organization that has the essential moral credibility to screw up anyone’s life. Its Inner Authoritarian deserves the hook.

Great read2. Highly recommended.

  1. In case you’re unfamilar 

  2. And not just because it points some of the major things wrong with the NCAA. 

→ Jim Mroczkowski Explains Captain Universe

This would have been helpful before I read Avengers #3.

→ iOS 6.1 is Out

Unsurprisingly, this “update contains improvements and bug fixes.”

Buy Jonathan Coulton’s Original Remake of Baby Got Back

Buy this version1 instead of the Glee rip-off. Also, you can read Marco Arment’s or Laura Hudson’s summary of the whole story2.

  1. Yes, I know “original remake” sounds a little ridiculous. 

  2. Short, short version: Glee producers fine good remakes of songs and then copy them note for note, show them on the the show, sell the mp3 versions, and give no credit or compensation to the original creators of the remake. 

→ Questions about the Overhaul of the North Carolina Tax System

Liberal groups say it will increase taxes on the middle class.

Is Obamacare the only thing that Liberals did not say would increase taxes on the middle class?1

  1. Which is nice, since it actually did. 

→ New York Post Says Tuiasosopo’s Cousin was the Voice of Manti Te’o’s girlfriend

Okay, at least that makes a little more sense. The voice mails definitely sounded like a female voice.