Hot in Fever – Gruber’s Post on Dropbox as the iOS Linchpin

Currently hot in my [Fever]( instance – **Gruber’s Post on Dropbox as the iOS Linchpin**

The [original post]( and a [subsequent followup]( from Gruber. The major quote that people have latched onto is:

> The scary part though, is that one recurrent theme I see in nearly every single “how I write on the iPad” story is Dropbox. It’s the linchpin in the workflow.

My favorite response [comes from Ben Brooks](

> Here’s the thing though: iCloud’s problem is a UX/UI issue (i.e., easily fixed). Dropbox could easily shift into iCloud, but that’s not the service that they sell and they won’t get that kind of OS level integration from Apple or Microsoft — both have competing services — and therefore a technically easy shift becomes nearly impossible because of the competitive landscape

Really good take and something I had not considered.

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