The Brooks Review and Instacast – Two Things To Become a Member Of

A recent episode of the B&B Podcast and the release of Instacast 31 made me think about the “memberships” that some sites offer. If you are looking to support people doing good work online and in various app stores, I suggest you become members of the following:

  • The Brooks Review – The quality of Ben Brooks’ recent work has vaulted him to the top of the link-blog / tech blog / mac blog mountain. His pieces are getting more in-depth and more insightful. It is well worth the $4 a month to support his site and encourage him to continue doing such quality work.

  • Instacast – The recent update to Instacast has solidified its position as the podcasting app for iOS. Recently, the developer also announced that there would be a Mac version of Instacast to complement the existing iOS versions. An iOS and Mac podcasting ecosystem, held together with Instacast’s new Cloud Sync, sounds amazing. By becoming an Instacast member, you can help support the development of the app and the further improvement of the syncing engine.2

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  2. One additional member benefit is that members got early access to the 3.0 version, and got the 3.0 version for free when it was released. I am not sure that will happen with the Mac version, but I have heard rumblings that it is the case.