Jim Mroczkowski on Gail Simone’s Firing and the Comic’s Industy in General

> A few years ago, when Robert Kirkman was beating the drum for creator-owned comics by urging creative and talented writers to abandon Marvel and DC, it bugged the smoldering hell out of me not because I have any loyalty to the corporate behemoths but because his revolution would have effectively wrecked half the books I was enjoying. “Back off, man,” I thought. “I want to see people get rewarded for their creativity, but I like Bendis on New Avengers right where he is. I like Fraction on Uncanny X-Men and Brubaker on Captain America. I don’t want to suddenly be buying the newbies’ practice books until they build up names for themselves.”

> These days, though, who needs Kirkman? The indie world’s best recruiting tools this week appear to be DC and Marvel. There’s no need for the siren’s song of creative ownership to shoo them away from the mainstream when the mainstream is doing such a good job of it all by themselves.

I am going to miss Gail Simone on Batgirl[^fn1]. More importantly, this move sours me on DC as a whole going forward. As it is, I probably will end up dropping Batgirl and Demon Knights due to creator switches. I wonder how many DC books will join that purge.

[^fn1]: Not as much as I still miss her work on Secret Six