FCC chair criticizes rule against using tablets during takeoff

> The head of the government agency in charge of wireless communications has urged the agency in charge of commercial air travel to revise its long-standing rule against the use of portable electronic devices during takeoff and landing. The Federal Aviation Administration is currently considering relaxing the rule that prohibits the use of iPads, Kindles, or other devices when an airplane is below 10,000 feet.

The rule is silly and out of date. I have no problem with them banning cell phones[^f5109] but not being able to use a Kindle while plane is on the runway, waiting to take off[^fn1], actually taking off, or landing is ridiculous.

[^f5109]: Mostly because I do not want to listen to people talking on them.

[^fn1]: Waiting on the runway is especially a pain, since these waits seem to be growing exponentially.