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Hot in Fever – Fantastical for iPhone

Currently hot in my Fever instance – Fantastical for iPhone

I have not had a chance to dig into this application yet, but the buzz is insanely positive. You can buy it in the iOS App Store1.

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  1. Affiliate Link 

Hot in Fever – iTunes 11

Currently hot in my Fever instance – iTunes 11

It was released yesterday and commentary and tips have been pouring in.

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→ My Nomination for Best Christmas Lights Display of the Year

I challenge you to top that.

→ Brandon Moore would like it if you wouldn’t talk about the Jets’ butt-fumble anymore

Of course he does1.

  1. The Jets have made me so happy this year. 

→ Jonah Keri breaks down MLB Trade Value, Part 1: MLB Trade Value Rankings, Part 2

Only one Red Sox player1 made the list2. As the article says, it shows the current state of the Sox franchise.

  1. Dustin Pedroia at 29. 

  2. Part 1 is the title link, and Part 2 is available here. 

→ Rush The Court on Indiana’s Destruction of North Carolina

So this is why Indiana garnered the #1 preseason ranking for the 2012-13 season. Despite coming into Tuesday night’s game with a 6-0 record and 32-point average margin of victory, the AP poll’s top-ranked Hoosiers had yet to produce a statement performance to legitimize their candidacy as the best squad in all of college hoops. It took overtime to dispose of previously unranked Georgetown last week, and Tom Crean’s team faced another tough test with the Tar Heels coming to town for the Big Ten/ACC Challenge. Indiana did not fool around this time, easily disposing of North Carolina, 83-59, in a game that showcased a tantalizing display of offensive basketball by the Hoosiers from start to finish. All doubts about IU’s true “top-seed upside” are quelled for the time being after it ran a young-but-explosive UNC team off the floor in Bloomington by out-executing and out-smarting the Tar Heels; even in an imperfect shooting night.

The Hoosiers domination of the second half was breathtaking. As I have been saying to people all day: Indiana is really good.

→ Addition of Louisville brings across-the-board, all-sports upgrade to ACC

On the plus side, they’re definitely better than Maryland in both basketball and football.

→ Wave Goodbye to the Belly Putter

The proposed rules that would prevent “anchoring” the putter when putting. The main effect of these rules: no more belly putters.

→ Season Review: Che-Hsuan Lin

I am linking to this purely so I can say that it is an absolute joy to watch Lin play the outfield. I saw him in a few AAA games and in a game at Fenway. He got great jumps and covered an unbelievable amount of ground. The only guy I saw last season that I can compare him to is Mike Trout. Of course, Mike Trout is a slightly better hitter.

→ Kasdan And Kinberg’s Star Wars Scripts Apparently Not For Main Saga

If this is true, then get ready for an expanded Star Wars universe to start being developed in movies, television, etc…

→ Shortcuts and Timesavers from Sarah Parmenter

A crowd-sourced list of handy shortcuts and tips.

→ Simple now Supports iPhone Check Deposits

Sweet. Now I can finally deposit some money with them1.

  1. I refused to pay Bank of America’s wire transfer fee to make a deposit previously. 

→ Why Objective-C is Hard to Learn

This helped me understand why I was having some trouble wrapping my head around some of the syntax of Objective-C. This is worth a read since, unfortunately, it looks like Apple is not moving away from Objective-C any time soon1.

→ Production of Sherlock Season 3 Delayed

The downside of Benedict Cummberbatch becoming such a popular actor.

→ Louisville to Join the ACC

This-at a minimum-delays the destruction of the ACC. Hopefully, the ACC takes this opportunity to re-align the conferences to allow FSU and Clemson to meet in the ACC title game going forward.

Hot in Fever – Manager Responsible for Apple Maps Fired

Currently hot in my Fever instance – Manager Responsible for Apple Maps Fired

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→ Laura Ingraham Takes a Radio Hiatus

I hope that wherever she ends up, there is a readily available podcast of her show.

→ The Verge’s Jawbone Up Review

It seems like they have made a lot of improvements. I am not sure whether or not I would put in the effort it appears is necessary to really benefit from this device though.

→ Clemson’s focus shifts to 2013 recruiting stretch run

The only way that Clemson will be able to keep against programs from the SEC and Pac 10 is to get higher caliber players on both lines. The question is whether or not that happens before the ACC is disbanded.

→ Instacast 3 FAQ arrives as a Preview to Instacast 3’s Release

I have high hopes for this release1. In fact, I have a feeling this could finally solve the problems I have been having with podcasting apps on iOS. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the next couple of weeks as I wait for the release.