→ The AARP In Bed with President Obama

The AARP tries to distance itself from President Obama:

“While we respect the rights of each campaign to make its case to voters, AARP has never consented to the use of its name by any candidate or political campaign,” the group posted in a statement. “AARP is a nonpartisan organization and we do not endorse political candidates nor coordinate with any candidate or political party.”

when in reality, they get huge benefits from Obamacare

“Thanks to its cuts to Medicare Advantage, Obamacare is expected to expand the number of seniors buying “medigap” supplemental insurance plans,” The Washington Examiner explained in an editorial. “AARP controls 34 percent of the market for such plans. According to a 2011 House Ways and Means Committee report, AARP stands to make between $55 million and $166 million from Obamacare in 2014 alone.”

I wonder how the AARP’s members would react if they learned that their dues were going to lobby for legislation that is going to cost them hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. My guess: they would not be pleased.