→ Obama v. Gravity

One theory I’ve had about this election is particularly relevant right now. I call it “Barack Obama vs. gravity.” The basic idea is this: Team Obama has had one overriding goal this cycle — to keep the president ahead of Mitt Romney in the polls.

The reason is simple: Obama is, and always has been, something of a bandwagon candidate. A major theme in 2008 was always that supporting Obama enabled the voter to be a part of history, encouraging others to join in the process. But for that theme to work, the perception had to be that Obama was, in fact, going to win.

Mr. Trende’s theory make a lot of sense. It will be interesting to see if President Obama is now in a downward slide from which he cannot recover1.

  1. Which is kind of appropriate, considering he has put our economy in almost such a slide (I think we can recover if he is not re-elected. I doubt we will recover for quite some time if he remains in place).