→ Nobel Prize for Work with Adult Stem Cells

Two sets of experiments, performed 40 years apart, have been recognized with today’s Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. Cambridge University’s John Gurdon won for showing that adult cells contain all the genetic information necessary to create every tissue in the body. That work set the stage for Shinya Yamanaka, who demonstrated that a relatively simple process could convert adult cells into embryonic stem cells. That development is already opening new avenues of research, and it holds the promise of new ways to repair tissues damaged by injury or disease.

Conservatives and other pro-life life people have been saying for years that adult stem cells are what scientists should be studying. Not only does using such stem cells not result in the destruction of life, but they provide actual solutions to issues people face. Hopefully, these findings by Dr. Yamanaka will provide more momentum away from embryonic stem cells.