FSU’s Loss Brings Down the ACC and Hurts Clemson’s BCS Chances

People are saying that the loss by Florida State opens the door for Clemson to make a BCS bowl again. I disagree. I think it makes the road Clemson has to travel to reach a BCS bowl harder. If FSU had run the table, it could have gone to the national title game and then, maybe, Clemson would have been the ACC’s non-title BCS representative. Now, Clemson has to hope that FSU loses another game. Sadly, I do not see that happening.

Additionally, as the linked article points out, the FSU loss means the ACC is getting hammered in the national media:

> We’re not even midway through October and the ACC found a way to fade into irrelevance again. This conference is a bigger tease than Notre Dame joining the ACC. And the ACC could use the Irish right now. You’ve heard of Clemson “pulling a Clemson?” Nope. Not this year. It’s the ACC pulling an ACC. At least last year Clemson made it to 8-0 before losing on the road to Georgia Tech. No. 3-ranked Florida State couldn’t even make it through its first road ACC game…


[^fn1]: Really, was the “pulling a Clemson” shot necessary?