Whispersync for Voice

Gabe Weatherhead at Macdrifter links to Amazon’s Whispersync for Voice and says “If it works, it’s an unbeatable combination that I will pay more for.” I have been using Whispersync for Voice for a week or two now and it has been working quite well for me.

It took me a little to figure out the steps to get syncing to work, but the key is to hit the “Refresh” button in the “My Library” section of the Audible App after you have read on your Kindle or in a Kindle app1. This refresh is how the audio gets synced to where you finished your reading.

Amazon has a list of free books you can use to see if Whispersync for Voice will work for you.

  1. I have synced between my Kindle device, Kindle for iOS, and the Audible app on my iPhone. I have not tried to sync audio-to-audio across two different instances of the Audible app on two different iOS devices