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→ Disney to Acquire Lucasfilm

I could not be happier about this pairing. I had high hopes for the Star Wars franchise now that it is in Disney’s hands.

→ Major Changes might be Coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios

When I was at Disney World earlier this year, it felt like Hollywood Studios was due for an update. I am glad to hear rumors that it is next in line to get one.

→ The Obama Spin Machine

I cannot imagine Obama wins North Carolina, John Hood thinks it might be closer than the experts think.

→ Summing Up Liberalism in a Single Paragraph

Dennis Prager, writing on National Review:

The history of left-wing policies has largely consisted of doing what feels good and compassionate without asking what the long-term consequences will be; what Professor Thomas Sowell calls “Stage One Thinking.” That explains, for example, the entitlement state. It sounds noble and seems noble. But the long-term consequences are terrible: economic ruin, a demoralized population, increasing selfishness as people look to the state to take care of their fellow citizens, and more


→ Dan Wetzel Takes Spurrier to Task for his Classless Comments

I used to laugh at Spurrier’s act when he was at Florida. Recently, however, he has been, as Wetzel points out, classless. At least it looks like Dabo Swinney is going to take the high road.

Hot in Fever – Scott Forestall to Leave Apple

Currently hot in my Fever instance – Scott Forestall to Leave Apple

The official Apple press release.

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Hot in Fever – Google Unveils New Nexus Lineup

Currently hot in my Fever instance – Google Unveils New Nexus Lineup

Google announced a new lineup of Nexus products today. Part of me still wonders if I would use a Nexus 7 some, though I imagine I would get more use out of an iPad mini.

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→ Matt Alexander visits a Microsoft Store

His experience is very similar to mine1.

  1. Which saves me some typing. 

Netbot Updated with Push Notifications

Netbot, the client from Tapbots, has been updated to include push notifications. The iPhone1and iPad versions are both available now in the iOS App Store.

  1. Affiliate Link (as are all app links in this post.) 

→ Possible Plans for Avatar Land Leaked

I think this could be cool. I do not approve of them having to shut down the Festival of the Lion King to make it happen though. Hopefully, any re-location of that show will only take a few weeks.

→ Giovani Bernard Wins it for Carolina

What a way to beat the “other” in-state rival.

→ Now that is Motivation

The cornerback responsible for covering Calvin “Megatron” Johnson gets a call from the voice of Optimus Prime, Peter Cullen. Amazing.

→ Obama’s Pathetic Picture Book

The Rich Lowry writing at National Review on Obama’s new “plan”:

The plan purports, first, to be a plan, and second, to outline a second-term agenda distinct from his first-term agenda. It fails on both counts. It cobbles together his current policies with some ill-defined new bullet points to barely cover 20 pages largely devoted to nice pictures of the president.

Clint Eastwood’s empty chair analogy proves to be more accurate by the day.

→ Game Center Buckles as Letterpress Becomes Popular

I have heard a lot of people say Letterpress is the first time they have used Game Center. My guess is Apple never anticipated it being so central to such a popular game.

→ Marcus Lattimore suffers a horrendous leg injury against Tennessee (VIDEO)

Even a Clemson fan like me hates seeing something like this.

→ They Want the Rest of America to Share Their Pain

Three states form the base of Democratic political power in the United States: California, New York and Illinois. All three states are locked in an accelerating economic, demographic and social decline; all three hope that they can stave off looming disaster at home by exporting the policies that have ruined them to the rest of the country.

An excellent and devastating summation.

Hot in Fever – Marco Arment’s Trip to a Microsoft Store

Currently hot in my Fever instance – Marco Arment’s Trip to a Microsoft Store

Marco Arment details his trip to the Microsoft Store to check out the new Microsoft Surface.

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Hot in Fever – Apple’s UK Statement on Samsung

Currently hot in my Fever instance – Apple’s UK Statement on Samsung

The actual statement.

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→ The was a Fun Second Quarter

The Tigers did not have to stress too much in this one. Now it’s time to get ready for the big matchup v. Duke next Saturday night.

→ Clemson is not Populated with Obama Fans

I understand why President Barker had to issue this apology, however, I also admit I did giggle at the whole situation.