→ Media Guilt over Obama

The Daily Caller points to a post from Howard Fineman that says President Obama has been getting a bounce in the polls

without having to seriously and substantively defend his first-term failed promises or shortcomings, and without having to say much, if anything. about what, if anything, he might do substantially differently if he is fortunate enough to win again. …

Obama was such a cool and uplifting story to so many in the media in 2008 that they essentially ceded ground to him that they have yet to reclaim. He ran a tightly controlled message campaign then, and has run an even more tightly controlled White House, with few press conferences and deep access only to those most likely to write positive stories. Univision didn’t get the memo, and its reporters hammered the president about immigration last week. It was a rare moment.

I wonder how long it is before people really stop believing anything from the traditional media. People talk about the rise of the Internet and how that has resulted in a decline in print media, but part of the problem is also the circle of liberal reporting that dominates so many traditional publications. Why should people who have conservative values pay to support a bunch of people who attempt to inject their liberal views into every news story?