→ A Sort-of-Positive Look at Ryan Lavarnway’s September

With the expected bumps in BABIP and power, Lavarnway should be a good major-league hitter, especially compared to what he’s doing now. However, he still has work to do until the team can trust him to produce at that level on a consistent basis. … While Lavarnway’s numbers suggest a rebound is highly possible for next year, he still has to prove he’s capable of doing it on a full-time basis. For this reason, I would keep both catchers on the roster next year. If Lavarnway bounces back as is expected of him next year, Saltalamacchia could be trade bait at the deadline. Until then, though, it’ll be interesting to watch Lavarnway’s progress. His September that was supposed to be a showcase for him has been a failure, but there is still plenty of hope for him moving forward.

Obviously I would have preferred if Lavarnway hit as well as Will Middlebrooks did when he was called up, but at least Over the Monster gives me some hope for next season.