→ The 2013 Baseball Schedule

I am still not sure how I feel about year-long interleague play. I would prefer it if they simply allowed the DH in all of baseball.

Ben Buchanan at Over the Monster has some of the Red Sox specific notes:

So long as the Sox can keep it close in the first five months, they’ll have their chance to win–or lose–the division in September as the year winds down to a crazy finish starting on September 5: four in New York, three in Tampa, three more against the Yankees, and then six against Baltimore and Toronto. Oddly enough, the year will end with a pair of two-game road series against Colorado (this is the first year of even leagues and year-long interleague play) and Baltimore.

I think the proverbial jury is still out on whether the Red Sox are going to add enough to contend for the division next year. If they are in contention though, the schedule lays out nicely for an exciting September.