→ A Response to the Claims that Obama has Provided Young People Some Benefit

One of the most important things to America’s youth is the ability to secure employment upon graduation. It is essential to our well being. It keeps us from a life of debt and dependency, and allows us to pursue the fundamental American ideal of self-determination. In this regard, President Obama has utterly failed our generation. Taking into account the dismal level of work force participation for people ages 18-29, America’s youth unemployment level is 16.7%.

I am fine if my president does not do Reddit Ask-Me-Anything session. I am not fine with a president who has hampered economic recovery. America’s young people should not be subjected to this:

The only option for many of us will be to languish in our childhood bedrooms, provided that we’re fortunate enough to have parents who can afford to take us back in. I have heard over and over again from this administration that “America is on the right track.” But how long must we continue on a track producing unacceptable results until we finally realize we’re going the wrong way? How long can we justify blaming previous administrations for our current failures?

Hats off to Bryan Jacoutot for writing this letter.