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Ben Brooks Responds to MG Siegler

Ben Brooks, responding to [MG Siegler’s widely linked to article on Apple’s strategy of iteration](

> I think it’s important to remember that iterating to perfection is fantastic just so long as you recognize that perfection may be a completely different device than what you are iterating on today.

> …

> I just want to point out that there’s two types of iteration: iteration for the sake of perfection and iteration for the sake of selling new devices. It’s the latter that we need to be worried about, Apple’s still well in the iterating to perfection mode.

Mr. Brooks is one of the few people I have see who actually provided a counter opinion to what Mr. Siegler wrote. It will be interesting to see if the *next big thing*[^fn1] in the mobile space comes from Apple or some other company.

[^fn1]: I guess I can use the cool buzzword here: “disruption