→ Microsoft Should Go Metro Only

Tom Warren, writing on The Verge:

Microsoft’s “no compromise” approach doesn’t work well on Windows RT if you’re thrown into the desktop mode, or you use an optional keyboard and expect the operating system to support traditional third-party desktop apps. Its presence explains the growing number of tablet hybrids that we’ve seen emerge over the past few months, with the majority of manufacturers opting to offer a keyboard attachment for tablet devices. It even explains why Microsoft focused on showing off its Touch and Type keyboard accessories for its Surface and Surface Pro tablets.

I understand why Microsoft does not want to avoid dropping the “desktop” interface completely, but it would be the type of bold move that could result in a resurgence of Microsoft as an innovator. Leaving the desktop interface in, even if it is not a default, means the market is soon to be flooded with software that “restores the desktop” to Windows1.

  1. People in technology are not big fans of change.