The State of

There has been a lot of good writing recently about the current state of It seemed to start with Glenn Fleishman’s article:

Pipe Dream or Alternate Universe — doesn’t need to get everyone to move away from Twitter. It only needs to get everyone you know to move. I’m being facetious, but it’s true. If you have even a relatively large group of people with whom you interact on Twitter, and they start turning their attention to interaction, you may find yourself there as well. For now, I run Twitter and clients side by side, since is still in alpha, and only a small number of people I know are early adopters like myself.

Mr. Fleishman’s article is a comprehensive explanation of what is in its current form and what it hopes to become. I recommend it to anyone who wants to get a better foundation to decide whether or not to sign up.

Building on Mr. Fleishman’s article is Federico Viticci’s write-up:

For my job, I talk to developers and creators on a daily basis. And right now, developers are picking up some good vibes from There’s a lot of experimentation going on, support from the company, and an overall feeling that, if this is will work, maybe a better (and different) Twitter could be possible. It’s too early to tell — after all, Twitter still works — but it’s a good start nevertheless.

I get the same impression from my developer friends that Mr. Viticci is getting from his developer contacts. The service is just starting and developers are trying to figure out what it will become. This early period of developer enthusiasm should be the story at the moment, not the statistics of who is doing the most posting.