Grantland’s Fall TV Previews

Broadcast networks covered so far:

The biggest surprise for me was their granting1 Season Pass status to Made in Jersey:

A zippy hour about a plucky fish out of water isn’t the usual CBS fare — it’s much easier to imagine Jersey succeeding on the more femme-friendly ABC, where it would be called Very Pretty Betty and feature a lot more Snow Patrol songs. But MIJ, starring the British minnow Janet Montgomery as a blue-jeaned associate floundering at a white-collar Manhattan law firm, exhibits CBS’s trademark flair for streamlined storytelling. Case in point: Creator Dana Calvo’s spunky pilot doesn’t linger too long on bridge-and-tunnel clichés, like Montgomery’s Martina recognizing pliers as a tool for skinny jeans, not murder. Rather, it wastes little time getting down to the underappreciated business of aspirational dream-making: Aided by an affably slick boss (Kyle MacLachlan), a loyal pal in the secretarial pool (Toni Trucks), and a proud Mama Mia (Donna Murphy), Martina cracks the cases that those lacking a deep appreciation of the Southside Johnny catalog never could. Even with Stephanie March’s impossibly smug, straw-woman antagonist (“You speak fluent townie,” she huffs. Is this Midtown or Monaco?), Jersey, surprisingly, won me over.

I wanted to check it out simply because I like Janet Montgomery, but this write up makes me think the show will have some staying power.

Two other shoes I am interested in, Elementary and Revolution, both got Incomplete status. There is nothing new that interests me on either ABC or FOX.

  1. See what I did there?