→ Verducci weighs in on the Strasburg Shut Down Controversy

But over the past two months, the Nationals have noticed slight signs of normal wear on Strasburg. There has been more inconsistency, for instance, especially with being wild in the strike zone and in getting swings and misses off his fastball. They have noticed in a few starts how Strasburg’s followthrough sent him farther off line toward first base, an indication that he was supplying more effort to generate velocity. Nothing major, but just normal start-to-start inconsistency you find with a guy whose elbow was rebuilt.

Rizzo deserves credit for protecting the pitcher and for taking full responsibility for the decision. It’s truly a modern decision, one made with the kind of awareness, statistical study and medical information that wasn’t in play in 2003 when the 22-year-old Prior ran up 234 2/3 innings, a 67-inning increase from the previous season. Maybe it’s true, as Padres GM Josh Byrnes likes to point out, that the more we learn about pitching development the more complicated it becomes. What becomes known enlightens the vastness of what is unknown.

I understand where the Nationals are coming from, however, I am going to be bummed if it’s a Nats v. Cardinals NL Championship Series and Strasburg is not eligible to take the mound.