→ The Youth Vote and Obama

Tom Smith:

But for young people who presumably want to get jobs and advance in their careers, it really strikes me as false consciousness that they should support O as much as they do. My impression is that the evidence that deregulation and tax cuts usually increase employment and economic growth is pretty overwhelming. I saw this first hand in the Reagan years and it was something to see. I concede our large deficits weaken the case for tax cuts. But it seems to me a vote for O is still a vote for high unemployment, a very devastating thing if you are young and in debt. I feel like I am a witness to a great crime being committed, out of reckless indifference to those harmed, against generations of kids, one I am powerless to stop and they are too ignorant to perceive.

I agree completely. Unfortunately, I have found many people my age are not interested in this particular argument.